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What Is SAAS And How Do You Sell It? With Dan Smith | Salesman Podcast

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Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://Salesman.Red/iTunes Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://Salesman.Red/Youtube Dan Smith is a SAAS sales expert and on today’s show we cover both what SAAS is, why it’s taking over the world of both B2B and B2C and the best approaches to sell it. "what does saas stand for" - It stands for software as a service although the same sales approach covers both software and physical products. Dan shares how to increase saas sales and what is saas sales model in this video. The saas sales process is different to what we'd consider the traditional sales model in a number of ways and Winningbydesign.com saas sales training is probably the best way to learn more after watching this interview.
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CreativeMinds Show (8 days ago)
Great point about not information dumping. Qualify then drive the product to cater to those problems. Value the value!
SFN NOV (13 days ago)
Und Soos?
Sil Youn (22 days ago)
Really valuable information. Thank you!
Viktor Dmt (25 days ago)
You have to keep your head above the water and stand out among competitors. Here're my top 5 growth strategies for SaaS businesses. 1. Make Your Website Fresh and Engaging 2. Create Promotional Videos 3. Offer Product Trials 4. Create Your Social Marketing Strategy 5. Integrate the Referral Marketing Here's some posts that might help you: https://www.slideshare.net/axisbits/new-saas-business-growth-strategies-what-to-do-when-you-just-developed-a-new-solution Infographic https://www.invespcro.com/blog/saas-customer-acquisition/
Fadi Malouf (1 year ago)
Great interview! Very helpful.
Josh Weber (1 year ago)
So that's what you look like
Salesman Podcast (1 year ago)
+Josh Weber haaayyyoooo. Yep. I'm not sure if that's good or bad :P
ana lechuga (1 year ago)
Amazing ! Very informative
Salesman Podcast (1 year ago)
Glad you enjoyed the show :)
Nadeem Khan (1 year ago)
nice one! Thanks for sharing
9ameshark (1 year ago)
I recommend straight line persuasion by Jordan Belfort
Hiển Nguyễn Thế (2 years ago)
Can i have the Buying circle 6 steps detailed information?

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